ARECO Rwanda Nziza we are ECO-Friendly

Students learn to plant trees

ARECO Rwanda Nziza teaches young students, girls and boys to plant trees at a younger age. We also teach them how to protect trees and and be ECO-Friendly.

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ARECO Rwanda Nziza Bamboo planting

We revive bamboos

ARECO promotes bamboo for environmental protection, we fight against poverty and climate change in the areas of the Rwanda National Volcanoes Park and marsh Rugezi in north of Rwanda

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ARECO Rwanda Nziza provides water

water for all people

ARECO Rwanda Nziza in Field monitoring of the storage and water facilities by Embassy of Japan in Gahunga sector

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ARECO Rwanda Nziza for bamboo

Empowering people with bamboo

ARECO Rwanda Nziza supports local residents to exploiting bamboo as an income generating activity

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ARECO Rwanda Nziza provides water

Efficient cooking stoves

ARECO Rwanda Nziza supports and provides low consuming cooking stoves and teach how to use them effectively

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IUCN Parks Congress
IUCN parks congress happens once in ten years, it will take place in Australia, Sydney from 12th to 19th November 2014. It is supposed to be one (...) Read More   5 mai 2014
Trainings in COBAM project
In the implementation of COBAM project, ARECO-RWANDA NZIZA is organizing trainings on nursery preparation, bamboo multiplication and finally (...) Read More   24 avril 2014
Bamboo planting campaign 2012/2013
In the implementation of BamBu project, Burera District in partnership with ARECO-RWANDA NZIZA is organizing a ceremony to launch officially the (...) Read More   3 décembre 2012
Dissemination of improved cooking stoves on Cyamudongo forest
The study on energy efficiency has concluded that one modern stove saves a minimum of 3,5kg of fire woods per day or 1060kg per year which correspond to 0,25 hectors of (...) Read More   25 février 2016
Meeting between CEPF Program and ARECO-RWANDA NZIZA teams
CEPF team was composed of Mr Dan Rothberg Grant Director based at Conservation International(CI) at Washington,USA , Ms Maaike.Manten and Mr Jean Paul Ntungane based in (...) Read More   25 février 2016
The Closing ceremony of the BamBu project in Burera District
Wednesday the 13th May 2015, in Rugarama Sector, Burera District, Northern Province, BamBu project aimed at planting and processing bamboo in Volcanoes National Park and (...) Read More   23 juin 2015

Our Ongoing Projects


Le projet de promotion du bambou pour la conservation des sols et l’amélioration des conditions de vie (BASOLI /Bamboo promotion for Soil conservation and (...)
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BamBu - EU Project

The Project bamboo Burera(BamBu) is joint initiative between Burera District and the Association Rwandaise des Ecologistes(ARECO-RWANDA NZIZA). (...)
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HOME/IF Project

The current HOME Movie Project aims at producing a full-length Kinyarwanda edition of HOME for public awareness and educational (...)
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Solar Lamps/ARTEFACT

Solar Lamp Project Our Solar Lamp project is yet just an pilot project which seeks to raise awareness on clean energy and to examine the acceptance (...)
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Climate Change and Forests in the Congo Basin : Synergies between adaptation and mitigation (COBAM). Le COBAM (Changement Climatique et Forêts dans le (...)
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Gahunga/Embassy of Japan

Field monitoring of the storage and water facilities by Embassy of Japan in Gahunga sector On 21st January 2016, a team composed of Ms KISHI (...)
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Mukura Beekeeping/CARPE

Dans le cadre de contribuer à la réduction de la pauvreté et protection environnementale de la foret naturelle de MUKURA, la filière (...)
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Projet d’Appui à la Filière Horticule (APFH-RHODA-CTB-ARECO)...
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