Read ARECO Achievements

Awareness raising

• Setting up environmental clubs (associations) to mobilize and sensitize communities for environment-related issues in the sectors Mukura, Rusebeya, Bwira and Ndaro ( former Kibanda sector).

• Mobilizing the youth to build up and join environmental clubs in their schools and communities

Public awareness and advocacy of the Mukura forest reserve

• Producing and broadcasting several broadcasts and a documentary about the Mukura forest reserve in the national radio and television

• Awareness meetings and campaigns at the local, national and international level

NRM field activities

• Nursery activities and tree planting within the communities of Mukura and Rusebeya sector

Nursery activities in schools

• Disseminating of trees, which are useful for agroforestry, within the community : about 100000 trees were planted and grown within schools and communities

Promotion of income generating activities within the communities

• Growing and harvesting of fruits (especially from the tree tomato tree) by women and schools in the Mukura and Rusebeya sector - in 2006 approximately 300 000 trees were, supported by UNEP/NEPAD/REMA, planted and grown

• Supported by CARPE bee-keeping activities in 4 cells within the Mukura and Rusebeya sector were launched by women since august 2008

Conservation of Forest Activities

•Conserving of Mukura forest reserve


• High importance to involve local communities in the conservation of the Mukura forest reserve including the protection activities of the forest

• Increasing income generating activities outside the forest to motivate local communities for the conservation of the forest

• Creating local cooperatives is very important to facilitate income generating activities ;

• Involving more women and the youth for the conservation and the development of the forest .